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News from the University
27 May 2010 Festkolloquium for Henning Schröder (photos)
3 Dec 2009 Rostocker Math-Nat-Fakultätspreis 2009 for Torsten Leddig (photos)
News from LHCb at CERN
1 July 2011 The University of Rostock is now the 56th member of the LHCb experiment
News from the HGF Alliance
15 May 2007 Rostock University approved member of the Helmholtz-Allianz «Physik an der Teraskala» (press release in German)
News from BABAR, the 10GeV e+e- collider experiment
9 July 2008 Discovery of the Bottom-most Bottomonium Particle etab: (press release)
19 Mar 2007 First Observartion of Particle-Antiparticle Oscillations of D-mesons: (publication and press release)
2 Aug 2004 Significant observation of direct CP violation in neutral B meson decays: [n(K+pi-)-n(K-pi+)]/[n(K+pi-)+n(K-pi+)] = 0.133+-0.030(stat)+-0.009(syst) (publication and press release)
6 July 2001 First significant observation of CP violation in B meson decays: sin 2 beta = 0.59+-0.14(stat)+-0.05(syst) (publication and press release)
12 Feb 2001 First published result on the CP-violating parameter sin 2 beta
29 Oct 2000 PEP II exceeded design luminosity: L=3.1E33/cm2/s
31 July 2000 first presentation of a preliminary result on the CP-violating parameter sin 2 beta at ICHEP2000, Osaka (write-up)
News from the neutrino appearance experiment OPERA
14 Sep 2000 OPERA approved by CERN Research Board
News from ILC, the planned TeV e+e- collider experiment
23. Mar 2001 Public presentation of the Technical Design Report

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